A.   Executive Orders Of Health Department: The chief of police shall execute or cause to be executed, all orders directed to him by the health department so far as they relate to the preservation of the health of the village.
   B.   Annual Report: The chief of police shall, at the first meeting of the village board of trustees in January of each year, make an annual report in writing to the president and village board of the state of the police force with a detailed report of the transactions of the police department for the preceding year, with such statistics and suggestions in regard to the requirements of the department as he may deem advisable. The chief shall also make reports of any matter or thing concerning such department whenever requested by the president or village board.
   C.   Arrest Reports: It shall be the duty of the chief of police to report to the village collector the names of all persons arrested or committed to jail, bridgewall or house of correction, and the collector shall keep a record of the names of all such persons in a book or books to be provided for such purpose. Such record shall show the date of arrest or committal, the number of days imprisoned, the amount of the fine, when and to whom paid, and the date of discharge of such persons. (1987 Code)