Any applicant wishing to install a fire alarm, sprinkler/fire protection or kitchen or special hazard protection system shall submit an application for plan review of said planned installation. The minimum information required before a plan review will be initiated is as follows:
   A.   The address where the work is to be performed including the name and phone number of the building owner.
   B.   Name, address, phone, fax, e-mail, and State contractor's license number of any contractors or subcontractors who are installing or otherwise working on a fire alarm, sprinkler/fire protection or kitchen or special hazard protection system, including the designated contact person.
   C.   All plans shall include a statement indicating that "This installation and design is in accordance with Village of Broadview Fire Alarm Requirements, {current adopted version, contact Fire Prevention Bureau} National Fire Protection Association ("NFPA") 70/72, ICC, IFC Sec 907, and manufacturer's specifications".
   D.   Creation date of plan, revision dates, point of compass, scale and graphic representation of scale shall be clearly indicated on the plans.
   E.   Description of the scope of work and legend of devices on drawing shall be indicated on or appended to the plans.
   F.   Manufacturers cut sheets for all equipment, clearly indicating which models will be utilized shall be included with the plans. If components from different manufacturer are to be used, then manufacturer statement of compatibility of said parts shall be included in submission.
   G.   Floor plan(s) indicating all device locations and clearly identifying rooms, use of said rooms, use of areas, etc., shall be included with the plans.
   H.   The plans shall include a 1-line diagram (riser), including power connection and conductor type and sizes.
   I.   Clear description of ceiling construction and height or detailed elevation drawing shall be included.
   J.   The name and the contact information of the fire alarm designer is to be listed on plans with proof of their qualifications in accordance with NFPA 72
   K.   Plan or drawing revisions shall be submitted with changes included. Other chances or corrections shall be clearly identified.
   L.   The plans shall indicate the AES radio and central station in your submittal document. All new or existing fire alarms shall utilize only an AES radio for transmitting alarm to UL approved central station. All required test results shall be transmitted to Broadview Fire Prevention Bureau or to approved vender (company) in timely manner.
Failure to provide the necessary information may delay the review process or result in the rejection of an application.
   M.   Broadview Fire Prevention Fee Schedule For Contracts:
      1.   This subsection shall apply to new construction and buildings that have been substantially rehabbed, meaning fifty percent (50%) or more of the assessed value of the property, and pertains to fees charged by Broadview Fire Prevention Bureau related to fire and life safety plan reviews, including any required reviews required or performed by Cook County, the State of Illinois, the Joint Commission International (JCI), or any other regulatory authority. Examples of plan reviews that will incur costs are listed below. If at any time the Village of Broadview Fire Chief and/or Village Fire Code Official determine in their sole discretion that the extent of the request requires additional resources or expertise, a third-party review will be required. The Village reserves the right to contract with certain persons, companies, or other public bodies to perform these duties.
      In order to receive a required “Letter of Review” from the Broadview Fire Prevention Bureau, a completed plan review must be received from a certified or qualified plan review company as listed on the State of Illinois website (equivalent NFPA (CFPE) or NICET certification is acceptable). No letter of review from the Broadview Fire Prevention Bureau will be written without evidence of a paid invoice to the reviewing company or party.
      2.   Schedule Of Fees: The schedule of fees below is intended to offset the cost of providing the listed services. No inspections are included in the below plan review fees. It is assumed that all inspections are conducted by the facilities’ own internal Life Safety Engineers or consultants. Requests for inspections may incur additional fees.
Written letter of review for code compliance
   With no code review completed by BFD Fire Prevention
   With code review for fire alarm up to 10 devices ($5 per additional device
Up to 20 sprinklers without occupancy classification change
Restaurant wet chemical systems up to 10 nozzles ($12 per additional nozzle)
Clean agent suppression systems up to 500 sq. ft.
Life safety code review up to 7,500 sq. ft. (additional $2 per sq. ft. for spaces larger than 7,500 sq. ft.)
(Ord. 2018-32, 12-3-2018; amd. Ord. 2020-3, 1-21-2020)