5-1-11: EQUIPMENT:
The Fire Department shall be equipped with such apparatus and other equipment as may be required from time to time to maintain its efficiency and properly protect life and property from fire.
   A.   Purchases: Recommendations for the apparatus and equipment needed pursuant to this section shall be made by the Fire Chief. Said recommendations shall be approved by, and after approval, shall be purchased in such manner as may be designated by the President and Board of Trustees.
   B.   Storage Locations: All equipment of the fire department shall be safely and conveniently housed in such place as may be designated by the president and board of trustees.
   C.   Prohibited Acts:
      1.   Improper Use: No person shall use any fire apparatus or equipment for any private purpose.
      2.   Injury To, Interference With Equipment: No person shall wilfully or negligently break, deface or in any manner injure any fire engine, hose equipment or other fire apparatus belonging to the fire department, or shall remove any screw, bolt, nut or any part of such engine or fire apparatus or in any manner interfere with the same when being used by the proper person or authority.
      3.   Entering Firehouse: It shall be unlawful for any person to enter the firehouse or any place where fire equipment and apparatus is stored, or handle any apparatus or equipment belonging to the fire department, at any time except on business pertaining to said department or accompanied by and having the special permission of an officer or authorized member of the department. (1987 Code)