3-1-9: LOCATION:
   A.   Schools And Churches: It shall be unlawful to establish or operate any hospital, foundry, machine shop, laundry, sanitarium, lumberyard, public garage, filling station, or any business liable to cause excessive noise or that will endanger public health or safety within two hundred feet (200') of any property used for church or school purposes unless the written consent of the governing body of such church or school is first obtained.
   B.   Residential Districts: It shall be unlawful to establish, maintain or operate any automobile rental agency, public garage or building for the keeping, repair or storage of automobiles or other like vehicles for hire or profit, any gasoline station, hospital, reformatory, rescue or shelter institution, lumberyard, foundry, machine shop, laundry, theater, medical dispensary, sanitarium or any other business liable to create any noise or be in any way objectionable to a residential neighborhood, anywhere in the village where a majority of the buildings within a radius of three hundred feet (300') are used for residence purposes without first securing the written consent of the owners of two-thirds (2/3) of the property within such radius.
   C.   Frontage Consents Required: Wherever a provision of this code requires that frontage consents be obtained to operate a specific business, it shall be unlawful for any person to establish or operate such business without having obtained the required consent.
      1.   No initial license to engage in, conduct or carry on the following businesses shall be issued nor shall any building permit be issued for the erection of any structure or building to conduct or carry on the following businesses unless the applicant for such business license or for such building permit shall first obtain frontage consents: tourist courts, trailer parks, rollerskating rinks, and dance halls.
      2.   The frontage consents referred to herein shall be obtained from the owners of property lying within a radius of three hundred feet (300') from the extremities of the tract of property on which the business is to be located. The applicant must obtain the consent of two-thirds (2/3) of the property owners of property within that radius in order to obtain a license and a building permit.
      3.   Whenever the consent of adjoining or neighboring owners is required as a prerequisite to the conduct of any business or occupation or the location of any establishment, such consent shall be obtained by securing the necessary signatures to a written consent petition. Each petition shall be filed with the village clerk with the application when signed. It shall be unlawful to forge any name to any petition concerning frontage requirements or to falsely represent that the names thereon have been properly placed thereon if such is not the fact.
      4.   The frontage consent requirements contained herein shall not be construed to amend or change any zoning provision of the village.
   D.   Change Of Locations: The location of any licensed business or occupation or of any permitted act may be changed unless otherwise specifically set forth in this code, provided, ten (10) days' notice thereof is given to the village clerk, and provided, that the building and zoning requirements are therein complied with. (1987 Code)