The City Clerk/Treasurer may, upon resolution of the Mayor and City Council authorizing the same, purchase certificates of deposit from and make time deposits in any bank, capital stock financial institution, or qualifying mutual financial institution in the state to the extent that those certificates of deposit or time deposits are insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.  Deposits may be made in excess of the amounts so secured by the corporation, and the amount of the excess deposit shall be secured by a bond or by security given in the same manner as is provided for cities of the first class in Neb. RS 16-714 through 16-716 as of the time the deposit is made.  Neb. RS 77-2366 shall apply to deposits in capital stock financial institutions.  Neb. RS 77-2365.01 shall apply to deposits in qualifying mutual financial institutions.
(Neb. RS 17-720)