(A)   The Water and Sewer Board may make recommendations regarding changes in charges from time to time. The Board shall have the responsibility of establishing the charges included on the Price Control Schedule.
   (B)   In the event charges in the Price Control Schedule are determined to be necessary by the Water and Sewer Board, so as to reflect changes in existing cost of materials and labor and other expenses incident to operation of the Water Supply System, the Board shall so adjust the Price Control Schedule accordingly, circulation throughout the township.
   (C)   The Water and Sewer Board shall periodically review and recommend changes to the water main connection fee price schedule. The Water and Sewer Board shall determine the current values for typical six-inch water main installation as the basis for a connection fee charged for new water main connections. This fee will consider the following costs:
      (1)   Costs to furnish and install six-inch water mains;
      (2)   Costs of hydrants, valves, and other required appurtenances; and
      (3)   Costs of engineering, permits, and overhead costs.
   (D)   The Water and Sewer Board shall determine the connection fee to be charged for all connections, regardless of water main size or lot width for single-family residential uses. For multi-family, commercial, or industrial uses, the Water and Sewer Board shall determine a per-foot-of-frontage fee, based on the appropriate water main size for the use under consideration.
(Ord. 10-1997, passed 12-8-1997)