(A)   (1)   On the twentieth day from date of billing, a 10% penalty shall be added to the bills.
      (2)   If any part of the bill and penalty remains unpaid on the thirtieth day after billing, service shall be discontinued.
      (3)   Service shall not be resumed until the entire delinquent bill and penalty shall be paid in full.
      (4)   A turn-on charge shall be paid before service is resumed.
      (5)   Water and Sewer Board may grant extension of time for payment in the event of extreme hardship.
   (B)   All delinquent rates, charges, and penalties for water service shall constitute a lien upon the delinquent consumer's real property. The amounts shall be added to the next regular tax roll and shall be included in the next regular tax bill of the delinquent consumer.
(Ord. 10-1997, passed 12-8-1997)