(A)   Any applicant who has secured a permit for the extension of a water main shall bear the full expense relating thereto including the cost of the water main, expenses relating to laying the water main, expenses of excavation, back-filling, and all other costs and expenses related to the water main extension. All of the costs shall be a direct obligation of the applicant, and shall not be assumed or financed by the township, or any of its subdivisions or agencies, directly or indirectly.
   (B)   The extension of any water main shall be installed in the method and manner as determined by the Water and Sewer Board in accordance with the best interest of the township. The Water and Sewer Board shall have full authority to determine the exact route and location of the extension, and shall determine the size and quality of the water pipe fittings and connections, and shall determine the manner of installation. No deviation from the requirements shall be permitted without the Water and Sewer Board's written permission. Deviations therefrom shall constitute a violation of this chapter and shall subject applicant to the penalties hereunder.
   (C)   Any consumer connecting onto a water main extension installed under the provisions of this chapter within seven years of the installation, shall be obligated to the consumer who originally installed and paid for the extension in an amount as hereinafter computed. The cost per form foot bordering the particular extension shall be determined by dividing the total front footage of the extension into the total cost thereof. This figure, which represents the cost per form foot, shall then be multiplied by the number of front feet of the lot or lots owned by the connecting consumer, to arrive at his or her pro-rata amount to be paid to the installing consumer, his or her heirs or assigns, who paid for the original extension. The installing consumer shall maintain a current address with the Water and Sewer Board so that payments, if any, as described above, may be made. In the event the Water and Sewer Board cannot locate the installing consumer, its heirs or assigns, within six months following the connection to the extension, the Water and Sewer Board shall be authorized to transfer the amount to the township Water Fund.
   (D)   A consumer who installs a water main extension shall provide the total cost of the water main extension project to the Water and Sewer Board, and shall provide copies of invoices and other documentation as required by the Water and Sewer Board to document the cost.
   (E)   The Township Board, upon recommendation of the Water and Sewer Board, may extend the installation of water mains to unserviced areas of the water service district. The Township Board may establish a special assessment district for water main extensions to unserviced areas following the procedures provided by state statutes.
(Ord. 10-1997, passed 12-8-1997)  Penalty, see § 52.999