(A)   An applicant who has secured a permit for installation of a water service line to the township water main shall bear the full expense related thereto. This expense shall include the cost of the service line from the service box to the applicant's residence or building, the cost of laying the service line, excavation, back-filling, landscaping, any and all other expenses caused as a result of damage to sidewalks, and all other costs or expenses as determined by the Water and Sewer Board related thereto. All of the aforesaid costs shall be a direct obligation of applicant, and shall not be assumed or financed by the township, or the Water and Sewer Board, either directly or indirectly.
   (B)   Excavation and back-filling shall be completed within 72 hours. The ditch shall be refilled to a level conforming to the grade that existed before excavation commenced.
   (C)   The township Water Department shall make the tap-on to the water main. Applicant shall assume all costs relating to the tap-on to the water main, installation of the service line under the street from the water main to the curb box, and purchase and installation of the water meter within the residence or building, as set forth in the price control sheet.
   (D)   The service line from the water main to the curb box, and from the curb box to the meter shut-off valve within the residence or building, shall be pressure tested and completely flushed out and approved by an agent of the Water and Sewer Board, before the excavation is back-filled by applicant.
   (E)   No red or white lead shall be used in the installation of any fittings or connections on the service line.
   (F)   The water system shall have a tee with either a plug outlet or a hose bib cock immediately following the meter, and shall have a stop cock immediately following the connection. A check valve shall immediately precede the meter.
   (G)   All water used by any consumer in the township shall be fully metered. Applicant's permit for water service shall provide the location of the meter. Any modification of meter location without approval by the Water and Sewer Board, shall constitute a violation of this chapter, and shall subject applicant to all penalties hereunder.
   (H)   In the event repairs or changes are required in consumer's service line, the meter on the line shall be removed, and the line thoroughly flushed, before the meter is reconnected to the service line.
   (I)   Only one meter shall be installed per service line. The consumer, or owner, of the real estate upon which any building or residence is erected shall be responsible for payment for all water consumed on the premises.
(Ord. 10-1997, passed 12-8-1997)  Penalty, see § 52.999