(A)   Any party who wishes to install a water service line from a township water main shall first secure an application for water use from the township office. The application for water use, upon its completion, shall be submitted to the Water and Sewer Board for its approval or disapproval. No application shall be approved which does not comply with the rules and regulations of the state Health Department and this chapter.
   (B)   If the application for water use is disapproved by the Water and Sewer Board, the applicant shall be provided with a copy of the application notifying the applicant of the reasons for the disapproval.
   (C)   No connection shall be made between the water supply of the township and any other water supply without first securing the approval of the Water and Sewer Board. No approval shall be granted by the Water and Sewer Board unless the applicant shall be in full compliance with all applicable state laws, as well as the Water Supply Cross Connection Rules of the state Department of Public Health being R325 through R325.440 of the state Administrative Code. The applicant shall first contact and obtain the approval of the state Department of Public Health before it approves any cross connection with any public or private water supply other than that of the township.
   (D)   No excavation or any construction for the establishment of a water or service line shall be commenced until a permit for construction has been issued by the Water and Sewer Board. All excavation, construction, materials, the cost therefor, and all liability relating to same shall be the full and complete responsibility of applicant. Applicant shall allow the agent of the Water and Sewer Board to inspect the complete project at all times during construction, and of any excavation.
   (E)   Applicant shall assume all responsibility and liability, and shall indemnify and hold the township, Township Board, Water and Sewer Board, and all agents, employees, and subcontractors, harmless from any and all bodily injury, or personal or real property damage, or death, sustained or incurred by excavation, installation, or any other activities related to the extension of the water main. Applicant shall be required to sign a written agreement indemnifying and holding the township, Township Board, Water and Sewer Board, and all agents and employees thereof, harmless, and indemnifying all of the aforesaid from any and all liability in accordance with this section.
(Ord. 10-1997, passed 12-8-1997)  Penalty, see § 52.999