§ 52.002  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   APPLICANT.  A person who files an application for water use with the Water and Sewer Board.
   APPLICATION FOR WATER USE.  Form approved by the township Water and Sewer Board requesting that the township provide water service by means of a temporary or permanent water line. The form shall identify the name and address of the requesting party, and further shall identify the address where the water service is requested.
   APPURTENANCE.  A part of the house or water line, which relates to the main structure of the house or water line or water system.
   AUTHORIZED AGENT.  A person designated and authorized by the township Water and Sewer Board to carry out responsibilities pursuant to the chapter.
   BOARD.  The Township Board.
   CONNECTION FEES.  Charges established for new connections to existing water mains for undeveloped parcels within the water service district.
   CONSUMER.  Person or persons who are owners of real property within the township and to whose premises a water service has been connected from the township water main. For purposes of this chapter, CONSUMERS shall be responsible for payment of charges for water services.
   CONTRACTOR.  Any person or persons who contract to supply goods or services, labor, or materials, for a stipulated sum.
   CURB BOX.  A shut-off valve placed on the street right-of-way.
   DITCH or EXCAVATION.  The area from which the earth has been removed to a depth suitable for laying a pipe that will not be affected by frost, generally from the water main in the street to the consumer's premises.
   HYDRANT.  Upright pipe with a spout, nozzle, or other outlet, usually in the street or near the street, for drawing water from a main or service pipe.
   PRICE CONTROL SCHEDULE.  Authorized schedule of charges to be established from time to time by the Water and Sewer Board which shall reflect present day costs on services or material. The schedule of charges in the price control schedule shall be subject to approval by the Township Board.
   SERVICE DEPOSIT.  Deposit made by the owner of real property who applies for water or other related services from the township.
   SERVICE LINE.  The water line from the curb box to the meter on the consumers premises.
   TAP-ON.  Method of attaching a service line by means of a special connection to the water main. TAP-ON includes installation of the curb box defined above.
   TOWNSHIP.  The Charter Township of Breitung.
   WATER AND SEWER BOARD.  Board appointed by the township with authority to decide all questions which might arise in the interpretation, enforcement, and application of this chapter. The Board shall have the power to grant variances from the requirements of this chapter if, in its opinion, the health, safety, and general welfare of the township would not thereby be impaired and the spirit and purposes of this chapter would continue to be served. From January, 1985 through January, 1986, the Board shall consist of seven members. In January, 1986, membership of the Board shall be reduced to five.
   WATER DEPARTMENT.  Township Water Department, including all personnel working within the Department.
   WATER ORDINANCE.  This chapter.
   WATER SERVICE.  Supply of water from a township water main through an approved type water line to the consumer's premises.
   WATER SERVICE DISTRICT.  Geographic area served by township water mains providing water service to consumers, as determined by the Water and Sewer Board.
(Ord. 10-1997, passed 12-8-1997)