§ 150.105  INTENT.
   It is the purpose of this section to require site plan review approval for all buildings, structures, and uses that can be expected to have a significant impact on natural resources, traffic patterns, adjacent parcels and the character of future development.  The regulations contained herein are intended to provide and promote the orderly development of the Township of Breitung; safe and convenient traffic movement, both within a site and in relation to access streets; the stability of land values and investments by preventing the impairment or depreciation of land values and development, by the erection of structures or additions or alterations thereto, without proper attention to setting or to unsightly or undesirable appearances; harmonious relationship to buildings, other structures and uses, both within a site and/or adjacent sites; and the conservation of natural amenities and resources.
(Ord. § 601, passed 9-14-2009)