(A)   Intent. The RP, Resource Production District is established to maintain low density rural areas which because of their rural character and location, accessibility, natural characteristics and the potentially high cost of providing public services for intensive uses are suitable for a wide range of forestry, agricultural, natural resources and recreational uses.
   (B)   Principal permitted uses.
      (1)   The growing and harvesting of timber.
      (2)   Campgrounds, day camps.
      (3)   Parks, winter sports facilities, and trails.
      (4)   Recreational structures.
      (5)   Single-family dwellings.
      (6)   State licensed residential care facilities for six or fewer persons. (See definition.)
      (7)   Foster family homes (one to four children) and foster group homes (five to six children). (See definitions.)
      (8)   Family day care homes (one to six children). (See definition.)
      (9)   Manufactured housing communities on a minimum of 15 acres, subject to the requirements as established and regulated by Act 419 of the Public Acts of 1976, as amended.
      (10)   Agricultural production.
      (11)   Hobby farms subject to the requirements of § 150.065.
      (12)   Open space preservation (option-see § 150.060).
      (13)   Provision of essential services.
   (C)   Permitted accessory uses. The following are permitted accessory uses:
      (1)   Accessory structures normally associated with residential dwellings such as a private garage, shed for yard tools, playhouse, boathouse, woodshed, sauna and the like.
      (2)   Pens for household pets.
      (3)   Accessory uses or structures clearly incidental to the operation of a farm including barns, silos, sheds, equipment storage and similar structures customarily incidental to the permitted principal use and structures.
      (4)   Swimming pools and accessory bath/changing house.
   (D)   Conditional uses permitted. The following uses of land and structures may be permitted in this District, by application for and issuance of a conditional use permit as provided for in §§ 150.125 through 150.140.16. The following will also need to meet the Site Plan requirements in §§ 150.105 through 150.113.
      (1)   Wireless communication facility and structures, subject to the conditions of § 150.133.
      (2)   Commercially used recreational space for adult or children's facilities, including fitness and recreational sports centers (e.g. gymnasiums, handball, racquetball, and tennis courts, ice and roller skating rinks, swimming and wave pools), bowling centers, archery and indoor shooting ranges, billiard or pool parlors, amusement parks, carnivals, rebound tumbling facilities, miniature golf courses, go-cart facilities, and similar facilities, subject to § 150.132.
      (3)   Large scale recreation uses, including golf driving ranges, gun clubs, outdoor shooting ranges, camper and/or tent parks, hay rides, picnic grounds, swimming facilities, kiddie-type rides, tracks and other constructed courses for off-road vehicles whether for personal use or public use, (but not including circuses, motorcycle and auto racetracks, and horse or dog tracks), subject to § 150.140.1.
      (4)   Public or private sanitary landfills and holding areas for inert materials, subject to the conditions of § 150.134.
      (5)   Outdoor wood burning boilers and appliances, subject to conditions of § 150.135.
      (6)   Golf courses, subject to the conditions of § 150.139.
      (7)   Kennels, subject to the conditions of § 150.140.
      (8)   Bed and breakfast establishments, subject to the conditions of § 150.140.9.
      (9)   Group (child) day care home (seven to 12 children), subject to the conditions of § 150.140.10 (See definition).
      (10)   Private airport and private use landing fields, subject to the conditions of § 150.140.11.
      (11)   Utility grid wind energy system (wind farm), subject to the conditions of § 150.140.15.
      (12)   Mineral extraction, subject to the conditions of § 150.140.16.
      (13)   Auction sale barns.
      (14)   Feedlots.
      (15)   Storage yards, transformer stations, substations, microwave relay towers, hydroelectric facilities and similar facilities associated with public service uses or facilities.
      (16)   Sawmills.
      (17)   Resorts, lodges and associated facilities.
      (18)   Home occupation, subject to the conditions of § 150.049.
(Ord. passed 5-28-2002; Ord. § 313, passed 9-14-2009; Am. Ord. 1-2012, passed 12-26-2012; Ord. § 313, passed 11-9-2015)