(A)   The township shall approve or disapprove the land division applied for within 45 days after receipt of a complete application conforming to this chapter's requirements and the Land Division Act, and shall promptly notify the applicant of the decision, and if denied, the reasons for denial.
   (B)   Any person or entity aggrieved by the decision of the Assessor or designee may, within 30 days of the decision, appeal the decision to the Township Board or such other body or person designated by the Township Board, which shall consider and resolve the appeal by a majority vote of the Board or by the appellate designee at its next regular meeting or session affording sufficient time for a 20-day written notice to the applicant (and appellant where other than the applicant) of the time and date of the meeting and appellate hearing.
   (C)   The Assessor or designee shall maintain an official record of all approved and accomplished land divisions or transfers.
   (D)   Approval of a division is not a determination that the resulting parcels comply with other ordinances or regulations.
   (E)   The township and its officers and employees shall not be liable for approving a land division if building permits for construction on the parcels are subsequently denied because of inadequate water supply, sewage disposal facilities, or otherwise, and any notice of approval shall include a statement to this effect.
(Ord. 2-2008, passed 2-25-2008)