(A)   An applicant shall file all of the following with the Township Assessor or other official designated by the Township Board for review and approval of a proposed land division before making any division either by deed, land contract, lease for more than one year, or for building development:
      (1)   A completed application form on the form as may be approved by the Township Board;
      (2)   Proof of fee ownership of the land proposed to be divided;
      (3)   A tentative parcel map drawn to scale, including an accurate legal description of each proposed division, and showing the boundary lines, approximate dimensions, and the accessibility of each division for automobile traffic and public utilities; and
      (4)   Proof that all standards of the Land Division Act and this chapter have been met.
   (B)   If a transfer of division rights is proposed in the land transfer, detailed information about the terms and availability of the proposed division rights transfer shall be filed.
(Ord. 2-2008, passed 2-25-2008)