General Provisions
   150.001   Purpose
   150.002   Short title
   150.003   Construction of language
   150.004   Definitions
Zoning Districts and Maps
   150.015   Establishment of districts
   150.016   Zoning district maps
   150.017   Replacement of official zoning map
   150.018   Application of district regulations
   150.019   Scope of provisions
   150.020   Conflicting regulations
   150.021   Exemptions
   150.022   District R-1: Residential one
   150.023   District RR-1: Rural Residential One (one acre)
   150.024   District RR-2: Rural Residential Two (two and one-half acres)
   150.025   District RR-3: Rural Residential Three (five acres)
   150.026   District SP: Scenic Preservation
   150.027   District RP: Resource Production
   150.028   District C-1: General Retail
   150.029   District C-2: Commercial/Light Industrial
   150.030   District I: Industrial
   150.031   District AOZ: Airport Overlay District
General Regulations
   150.045   Height, bulk and placement regulations
   150.046   Depth to width ratio
   150.047   Minimum building floor area
   150.048   Accessory buildings and uses
   150.049   Home occupations
   150.050   One principal structure or use per lot
   150.051   Variance requirements for lots of record
   150.052   Use of yard or open space
   150.053   Off-street parking requirements
   150.054   Required planting screens
   150.055   Planting screen specifications
   150.056   Parking lot planting
   150.057   Time of completion
   150.058   Waterfront setback
   150.059   Fence regulations
   150.060   Open space preservation
   150.061   Fees in escrow for professional reviews
   150.062   Condominium developments
   150.063   Airport zoning requirements
   150.064   Exterior lighting
   150.065   Hobby farms
   150.080   Intent
   150.081   Residential district regulations for signs
   150.082   General Retail and Commercial/Light Industrial District sign regulations
   150.083   Industrial District sign regulations
   150.084   Conditional use sign regulations
   150.085   Temporary signs
   150.086   Construction signs
   150.087   Exempt signs
   150.088   Lighting of signs
   150.089   Animated/LED signs
   150.090   Maintenance of signs
   150.091   Nonconforming signs
   150.092   Prohibited signs
Site Plan Review
   150.105   Intent
   150.106   Site plan required
   150.107   Site plans for single- and two-family dwellings, and residential accessory uses and structures for recreational structures
   150.108   Site plans for commercial, industrial mobile/manufactured home parks, and multiple-family development (all other development)
   150.109   Review procedures
   150.110   Standards for site plan approval
   150.111   Requirements for private roads
   150.112   Minimum design standards for private roads
   150.113   Naming of public roads
Conditional Use Permits
   150.125   Intent
   150.126   Application procedure
   150.127   Review and findings
   150.128   General standards
   150.129   Conditions and safeguards
   150.130   Cemeteries
   150.131   Religious organizations, including churches (other places of religious activity; synagogues, mosques, temples, and the like)
   150.132   Commercial recreational facilities
   150.133   Wireless communication facilities and structures
   150.134   Disposal areas and landfills and holding areas for inert materials
   150.135   Outdoor wood burning boilers and appliances
   150.136   Fabric structures
   150.137   Sexually oriented businesses
   150.138   General hospitals
   150.139   Golf courses
   150.140   Kennels and veterinary clinics
   150.140.1   Large scale recreation uses
   150.140.2   Child care center (day care center)
   150.140.3   Nursing homes, convalescent or rest homes, homes for the aged, indigent or handicapped and orphanages
   150.140.4   Outdoor theaters
   150.140.5   Public and private colleges and universities
   150.140.6   Racetracks, including midget auto, motorcycle, karting, snowmobile and other motor vehicles tracks, and similar facilities
   150.140.7   Outdoor business sales and storage, including motor vehicles sales, manufactured home sales, recreational vehicles, travel trailers and boats including both rental and sales
   150.140.8   Utility and public service facilities
   150.140.9   Bed and breakfast establishments
   150.140.10   Group (child) day care home
   150.140.11   Private use landing field
   150.140.12   Fast food, drive-in, drive-through, and carry-out restaurants
   150.140.13   Motor vehicle repair and service facilities
   150.140.14   Motor vehicle washing, conveyor or non-conveyor types
   150.140.15   Utility grid wind energy systems (wind farms)
   150.140.16   Mineral extraction
Planned Unit Development
   150.145   Intent
   150.146   Modification Powers
   150.147   Application procedure
   150.148   PUD design standards and objectives
Nonconforming Uses and Structures
   150.160   Intent
   150.161   Class A nonconforming uses and structures
   150.162   Procedure for obtaining Class A designation
   150.163   Provisions for Class A nonconforming uses and structures
   150.164   Regulations pertaining to Class A nonconforming uses and structures
   150.165   Class B nonconforming uses and structures
   150.166   Nonconforming lots
   150.167   General standards
Administration and Enforcement
   150.180   Administration
   150.181   Administrative standards and procedures
   150.182   Zoning Administrator
   150.183   Duties of Zoning Administrator
   150.184   Zoning compliance permit
   150.185   Enforcement and violation
   150.186   Special zoning orders book and map
   150.187   Fees
Zoning Board of Appeals
   150.200   Creation and membership
   150.201   Procedures
   150.202   Duties and powers
   150.203   Administrative review
   150.204   Variances
   150.205   Appeals
   150.206   Duties on matters of appeal
Township Planning Commission: Planning and Zoning Authority
   150.220   Designation
   150.221   Changes and amendments
Access Management
   150.235   Findings and intent
   150.236   Applicability
   150.237   One access per parcel
   150.238   Applications
   150.239   Review and approval process
   150.240   Record of application
   150.241   Period of approval
   150.242   Renewal
   150.243   Re-issuance requires new application
   150.244   Maintenance
   150.245   Change of use also may require new driveway
   150.246   Changes require new application
   150.247   Closing of driveways
   150.248   Inspection
   150.249   Performance bond
   150.250   Lot width and setbacks
   150.251   Access management standards
   150.252   Nonconforming driveways
   150.253   Waivers and variances of requirements in § 150.251
   150.254   Traffic impact study
Miscellaneous Provisions
   150.270   Interpretation and conflict
   150.271   Severability
   150.272   Vested right
   150.273   Effective date
Amendments and Rezoning
   150.290   Authorization
   150.291   Rezoning
   150.292   Initiation of amendments
   150.293   General procedure
   150.294   Conditional rezoning
   150.295   Procedure for rezoning petitions to permit the extraction of natural resources
   150.999   Penalty