(A)   A license required by this chapter may be suspended, or the renewal thereof refused, by the township for misrepresentation of any material fact in the application for the license. Any license may be suspended or revoked by the township for good cause. The term GOOD CAUSE shall mean any act or omission or the permitting of a condition to exist with respect to the license in question which is contrary to the safety or welfare of the public, unlawful or fraudulent in nature, a violation of any provision or provisions of this chapter under which the license was granted, is beyond the scope of the license issued, or a fact, circumstance, or condition which, had it existed or been known to the township at the time the license was granted, would have been sufficient grounds for the refusal thereof.
   (B)   Revocation of a license may take place only after a hearing before the Township Board upon not less than seven-days' written notice to licensee at the address stated in the application of the licensee stating the time and place of the hearing and the reasons for revocation. A license issued under this chapter may be suspended for not more than 20 days by a Constable of the township for good cause.
(Ord. 7-1980, passed 6-2-1980)