§ 111.04  OPERATION.
   (A)   After issuance of the license, licensee shall meet the following requirements:
      (1)   The insurance and bond required in § 111.03 above shall continue in full force and effect until expiration or termination of the license;
      (2)   Licensee shall permit township, county and state officials to enter upon the licensed premises at all reasonable times to determine compliance with the requirements of this chapter and other applicable township, county, and state ordinances and statutes;
      (3)   Licensee shall not knowingly permit violations of any township ordinance, county ordinance or state statute by any of his or her patrons;
      (4)   Licensee shall provide off-street parking facilities sufficient to accommodate all persons to be admitted to his or her place of business based on the maximum capacity specified in the application;
      (5)   Licensee shall not admit to his or her premises any person who is then under the influence of intoxicating beverages or drugs, nor shall he or she knowingly permit the possession, sale, or consumption of intoxicating beverages, narcotics, or hallucinogenic drugs on his or her business premises;
      (6)   Licensee shall provide sufficient fences or barriers, or shall patrol the boundaries of his or her business premises so as to efficiently prevent patrons from directly trespassing on neighboring premises;
      (7)   Licensee shall conduct his or her business so that it shall not give rise to a nuisance by reason of noise, vibration, smoke, odor or dust; and
      (8)   Licensee shall limit his or her business activities to the hours specified in the license.
   (B)   Licensee shall post a copy of this chapter and a copy of his or her license in the place of business in a location where they can be read easily by his or her patrons.
(Ord. 7-1980, passed 6-2-1980)  Penalty, see § 111.99