9-1-1: Title
9-1-2: Purpose
9-1-3: Authority And Severability
9-1-4: General Rules Of Interpretation
9-1-5: Definitions
9-1-6: Enforcement And Penalties
9-1-7: Notice Of Planning Commission Meetings
9-1-8: Preliminary Evaluation (Rep. by Ord. 1, Series 2019)
9-1-9: Process For Subdivisions
9-1-10: Modifications To Applications
9-1-11: Variances
9-1-12: Nonconforming Structure
9-1-13: Policies
9-1-14: Special Areas Maps Adopted
9-1-15: Land Use District Map
9-1-15-1: Amendments To Land Use Guidelines
9-1-16: Correlative Documents As Standards For Development
9-1-17: Permits Required
9-1-17-1: Permits Required For Development
9-1-17-2: Basis For Permit
9-1-17-3: Assignment Of Points
9-1-17-3.5: Duration Of Point Assignments
9-1-17-4: Assignment Of Multipliers
9-1-17-5: Relation To Other Provisions Of Town Code
9-1-17-6: Burden Of Proof; Exceptions
9-1-17-7: Conditions
9-1-17-8: Duration Of Development Permit
9-1-17-9: Revocation Of Permits
9-1-17-10: Architect To Design Project
9-1-17-11: Vested Property Rights
9-1-17-12: Transfer Of Density
9-1-18: Development Permit Process
9-1-18-1: Class A Development Permit Process
9-1-18-2: Class B Development Permit Process
9-1-18-3: Class C Development Permit Process
9-1-18-4: Class D Minor Development Permit Process
9-1-18-4-1: Class D Major Development Permit Process
9-1-18-5: Call Up Process
9-1-18-6: Appeal
9-1-18-7: Statement Of Compliance Required
9-1-19: Development Policies
9-1-19-1A: Policy 1 (Absolute) Codes; Correlative Documents; And Plat Notes
9-1-19-2A: Policy 2 (Absolute) Land Use Guidelines
9-1-19-2R: Policy 2 (Relative) Land Use Guidelines
9-1-19-3A: Policy 3 (Absolute) Density/Intensity
9-1-19-3R: Policy 3 (Relative) Compliance With Density/Intensity Guidelines
9-1-19-4A: Policy 4 (Absolute) Mass
9-1-19-4R: Policy 4 (Relative) Mass
9-1-19-5A: Policy 5 (Absolute) Architectural Compatibility
9-1-19-5R: Policy 5 (Relative) Architectural Compatibility
9-1-19-6A: Policy 6 (Absolute) Building Height
9-1-19-6R: Policy 6 (Relative) Building Height (6/R)
9-1-19-7R: Policy 7 (Relative) Site And Environmental Design
9-1-19-8A: Policy 8 (Absolute) Ridgeline And Hillside Development
9-1-19-8R: Policy 8 (Relative) Site Design (Rep. by Ord. 7, Series 2006)
9-1-19-9A: Policy 9 (Absolute) Placement Of Structures
9-1-19-9R: Policy 9 (Relative) Placement Of Structures
9-1-19-10R: Policy 10 (Relative) Fire Control And Prevention (Rep. by Ord. 56, Series 2003)
9-1-19-11R: Policy 11 (Relative) Barrier Free Standards (Rep. by Ord. 56, Series 2003)
9-1-19-12A: Policy 12 (Absolute) Signs
9-1-19-13A: Policy 13 (Absolute) Snow Removal And Storage
9-1-19-13R: Policy 13 (Relative) Snow Removal And Storage
9-1-19-14A: Policy 14 (Absolute) Storage
9-1-19-14R: Policy 14 (Relative) Storage
9-1-19-15A: Policy 15 (Absolute) Refuse And Recycling
9-1-19-15R: Policy 15 (Relative) Refuse And Recycling
9-1-19-16A: Policy 16 (Absolute) Internal Circulation
9-1-19-16R: Policy 16 (Relative) Internal Circulation
9-1-19-17A: Policy 17 (Absolute) External Circulation
9-1-19-18A: Policy 18 (Absolute) Parking
9-1-19-18R: Policy 18 (Relative) Parking
9-1-19-19A: Policy 19 (Absolute) Loading (Rep. by Ord. 1, Series 2019)
9-1-19-19R: Policy 19 (Relative) Loading
9-1-19-20R: Policy 20 (Relative) Recreation Facilities
9-1-19-21R: Policy 21 (Relative) Open Space
9-1-19-22A: Policy 22 (Absolute) Landscaping
9-1-19-22R: Policy 22 (Relative) Landscaping
9-1-19-23R: Policy 23 (Relative) The Economic Community (Rep. by Ord. 56, Series 2003)
9-1-19-24A: Policy 24 (Absolute) The Social Community
9-1-19-24R: Policy 24 (Relative) Social Community
9-1-19-25R: Policy 25 (Relative) Transit
9-1-19-26A: Policy 26 (Absolute) Infrastructure
9-1-19-26R: Policy 26 (Relative) Infrastructure
9-1-19-27A: Policy 27 (Absolute) Drainage
9-1-19-27R: Policy 27 (Relative) Drainage
9-1-19-28A: Policy 28 (Absolute) Utilities
9-1-19-29A: Policy 29 (Absolute) Construction Activities
9-1-19-30A: Policy 30 (Absolute) Air Quality
9-1-19-30R: Policy 30 (Relative) Air Quality (Rep. by Ord. 1, Series 2019)
9-1-19-31A: Policy 31 (Absolute) Water Quality
9-1-19-31R: Policy 31 (Relative) Water Quality
9-1-19-32A: Policy 32 (Absolute) Water Conservation (Rep. by Ord. 1, Series 2019)
9-1-19-33R: Policy 33 (Relative) Energy Conservation
9-1-19-34A: Policy 34 (Absolute) Hazardous Conditions
9-1-19-34R: Policy 34 (Relative) Hazardous Conditions
9-1-19-35A: Policy 35 (Absolute) Subdivision
9-1-19-36A: Policy 36 (Absolute) Temporary Structures
9-1-19-37A: Policy 37 (Absolute) Special Areas
9-1-19-37R: Policy 37 (Relative) Special Areas
9-1-19-38A: Policy 38 (Absolute) Home Occupations
9-1-19-38.5A:    Policy 38.5 (Absolute) Home Childcare Businesses
9-1-19-39A: Policy 39 (Absolute) Master Plan
9-1-19-40A: Policy 40 (Absolute) Chalet Houses (Rep. by Ord. 1, Series 2019)
9-1-19-41A: Policy 41 (Absolute) Satellite Earth Station Antennas
9-1-19-42A: Policy 42 (Absolute) Exterior Loudspeakers
9-1-19-43A: Policy 43 (Absolute) Public Art
9-1-19-43R: Policy 43 (Relative) Public Art
9-1-19-44A: Policy 44 (Absolute) Radio Broadcasts
9-1-19-45A: Policy 45 (Absolute) Special Commercial Events (Rep. by Ord. 1, Series 2019)
9-1-19-46A: Policy 46 (Absolute) Exterior Lighting
9-1-19-47A: Policy 47 (Absolute) Fences, Gates And Gateway Entrance Monuments
9-1-19-48A: Policy 48 (Absolute) Voluntary Defensible Space
9-1-19-49A: Policy 49 (Absolute) Vendor Carts
9-1-19-50A: Policy 50 (Absolute) Wireless Communications Facilities
9-1-19-51A: Policy 51 (Absolute) Accessory Dwelling Unit
9-1-19-52A: Policy 52 (Absolute) Exterior Food And Beverage Areas
9-1-20: Special Areas Maps Identified
9-1-21: Correlative Documents
9-1-22: Legal Effect Of The Permit
9-1-23: Abandonment Of Development Permit
9-1-24: Effect Of Ordinance Change On Pending Applications
9-1-25: Computation Of Time (Rep. by Ord. 8, Series 2003)
9-1-26: Restrictive Covenants
9-1-27: Public Improvement Projects By Town 1 (Rep. by Ord. 2, Series 2013)
9-1-28: Rules And Regulations



1. See chapter 14 of this title.