6-2-1: Intent
6-2-2: Definitions
6-2-3: Strict Liability Offenses
6-2-4: Vaccination Of Dogs And Cats Required
6-2-5: Annual Licensing Of Dogs
6-2-6: Failure To Control A Pet Animal
6-2-7: Unlawful Animal Noise
6-2-8: Animals Confined In Unattended Vehicles
6-2-9: Animal Feces
6-2-10: Interference With An Owner's Control Of A Pet Animal
6-2-11: Interference With An Enforcement Officer
6-2-12: Poisoning Of Animals
6-2-13: Designation Of Dangerous And Potentially Dangerous Animals
6-2-14: Control Of Dangerous And Potentially Dangerous Animals
6-2-15: Dogs Prohibited At Designated Special Events
6-2-16: Harassing, Killing, Or Injuring Wildlife
6-2-17: Certain Animals Prohibited Within Town
6-2-18: Unlawful Trade In Certain Animals
6-2-19: Duty To Report Animal Bites And Injury Caused By Animals
6-2-20: Duty To Produce Biting Animal For Inspection Or Quarantine
6-2-21: Impoundment Of Animals
6-2-22: Disposition Of Impounded Animals
6-2-23: Habitual Offender
6-2-24: Penalty Assessment Procedure Applicable; When
6-2-25: Violations; Penalties
6-2-26: Municipal Court May Order Destruction Of Animal; When
6-2-27: No Liability For Accident Or Subsequent Disease
6-2-28: No Restriction On Protective Action
6-2-29: Hot Pursuit
6-2-30: Effect Of Adoption Of Chapter On Prior Offenses