The following signs do not require a sign permit and are exempt from the requirements of this chapter:
   A.   Government signs;
   B.   Signs required by Federal, State, or local law;
   C.   Historic plaques on designated landmark properties;
   D.   Cornerstones when carved into stone, concrete, bronze or other permanent material and made an integral part of a building or structure;
   E.   Signs required by the Town's Building and Technical Codes;
   F.   Warning signs marking hazards on private property two (2) square feet or less in size;
   G.   Merchandise. These displays may be subject to the rules on outdoor display of merchandise set forth in chapter 7 of this title;
   H.   Bumper stickers or similar expressions that are affixed to a motor vehicle;
   I.   Seasonal decorations; provided that such decorations are maintained so as to not constitute a fire hazard and are removed after the season associated with the decoration has ended. Temporary winter holiday decorations must be removed by the day after the third Monday in February (when President's Day is celebrated);
   J.   Flags;
   K.   Signs on commercial vehicles, including trailers; provided that the vehicles/trailers are not in violation of subsection 9-15-18F of this chapter;
   L.   Walking signs;
   M.   Any other sign for which a permit is specifically not required by this chapter;
   N.   Scoreboards associated with an approved recreational field. (Ord. 3, Series 2019)