Article I: Name - Boundaries
Article II: Municipal Powers
   Section 2.1   Rights And Liabilities
   Section 2.2   Powers
   Section 2.3   Present Ordinances
   Section 2.4   Form Of Government
Article III: Elections
   Section 3.1   Colorado Municipal Election Laws Adopted
   Section 3.2   Non-Partisan Elections
   Section 3.3   Municipal Elections
   Section 3.4   Election Precincts
   Section 3.5   Election Commission
   Section 3.6   Recall
Article IV: Council
   Section 4.1   The Council
   Section 4.2   Terms Of Office
   Section 4.3   Mayor
   Section 4.4   Mayor Pro Tem
   Section 4.5   Powers Of Council
   Section 4.6   Qualifications
   Section 4.7   Compensation
   Section 4.8   Vacancies
   Section 4.9   Oath Of Office
Article V: Council Procedure
   Section 5.1   Regular Meetings
   Section 5.2   Special Meetings
   Section 5.3   Business At Special Meetings
   Section 5.4   Quorum; Adjournment Of Meeting
   Section 5.5   Meetings To Be Public
   Section 5.6   Council Acts
   Section 5.7   Voting
   Section 5.8   Action By Ordinance Required
   Section 5.9   Forms Of Ordinance
   Section 5.10   Procedure
   Section 5.11   Emergency Ordinances
   Section 5.12   Codification
   Section 5.13   Codes
   Section 5.14   Disposition Of Ordinances
   Section 5.15   Public Records
Article VI: Initiative And Referendum
   Section 6.1   General Authority
   Section 6.2   Initiative And Referendum Procedure
Article VII: Town Administration
   Section 7.1   Town Manager
   Section 7.2   Acting Town Manager
   Section 7.3   Powers And Duties Of Manager
   Section 7.4   Relationship Of Council To Administrative Service
   Section 7.5   Town Clerk
   Section 7.6   Departments Created
   Section 7.7   Bonding Of Employees
Article VIII: Legal And Judiciary
   Section 8.1   Town Attorney
   Section 8.2   Judiciary
Article IX: Boards And Commissions
   Section 9.1   Existing Boards And Commissions
   Section 9.2   Composition Of Boards And Commissions
   Section 9.3   Planning Commission
   Section 9.4   Vacancy
   Section 9.5   Right To Establish
Article X: Town Finances
   Section 10.1   Fiscal Year
   Section 10.2   Provision For Tax System
   Section 10.3   Budget
   Section 10.4   Capital Program
   Section 10.5   Budget Hearing
   Section 10.6   Council Amendments
   Section 10.7   Council Adoption
   Section 10.8   Appropriations
   Section 10.9   Property Tax Levy
   Section 10.10   Public Records
   Section 10.11   Contingencies
   Section 10.12   Amendments After Adoption
   Section 10.13   Independent Audit
Article XI: Municipal Borrowing
   Section 11.1   Forms Of Borrowing
   Section 11.2   Short-Term Notes
   Section 11.3   Emergency Notes
   Section 11.4   Anticipation Warrants
   Section 11.5   General Obligation Bonds
   Section 11.6   Revenue Bonds
   Section 11.7   Industrial Development Revenue Bonds
   Section 11.8   Special Assessment Bonds
   Section 11.9   Refunding Bonds
   Section 11.10   Lease-Purchase And Installment-Purchase Agreements
   Section 11.11   Limitations
Article XII: Taxation
   Section 12.1   Authority To Levy Taxes
Article XIII: Public Utilities And Franchises
   Section 13.1   General Powers
   Section 13.2   Water Rights
   Section 13.3   Utility Rates And Service Areas
   Section 13.4   Granting Of Franchises
   Section 13.5   Franchise Review
   Section 13.6   Franchise Records
   Section 13.7   Existing Franchises
Article XIV: Transition Period
   Section 14.1   Effective Date Of Charter
   Section 14.2   Prior Town Legislation
   Section 14.3   Present Elected Officials To Continue In Office
   Section 14.4   Continuation Of Present Boards And Commissions
   Section 14.5   Continuation Of Appointed Officers And Employees
   Section 14.6   Saving Clause
Article XV: Miscellaneous Provisions
   Section 15.1   Reservation Of Power
   Section 15.2   Liability Of Town (Rep. by Ord. 5, Series 1992, Election 4-7-1992)
   Section 15.3   Sale Or Encumbrance Of Property
   Section 15.4   Lease On Property
   Section 15.5   Co-Operative Contracts
   Section 15.6   Bequests, Gifts And Donations
   Section 15.7   Emergency Powers
   Section 15.8   Continuity Of Government
   Section 15.9   Severability Of Charter Provisions
   Section 15.10   Charter Amendments
   Section 15.11   Interpretations
   Section 15.12   Definitions