A.   Purpose.  Any amendment to the text of this title which imposes any regulation not theretofore imposed, removes or modifies any regulation theretofore imposed or adds any use to any zone not theretofore listed shall be made according to the following procedure.
   B.   Procedure.
      1.   Initiation.  Proceedings may be initiated by motion of the Planning Commission or by motion of the City Council.  Proceedings initiated by the City Council shall be submitted to the Planning Commission.
      2.   Notice of commission hearing.  Notice of the time and place of the Planning Commission hearing shall be given as required by law. (See:  Chapter 20.416)
      3.   Commission hearing.  The Planning Commission shall hold a public hearing upon the amendment and thereupon, within forty (40) days after the conclusion of said hearing, shall make a determination and report thereof to the City Council.
      4.   Council action.  The City Council, after receipt of the report and recommendation from the Planning Commission, shall give notice and hold  public hearings on the proposed change(s).  Upon completion of the public hearing(s) the City Council may either approve, modify or reject the recommended action.  If modified, the City Council shall refer the matter back to the Planning Commission for a report.  Said report shall be filed with the City Council within forty (40) days after the referral.