§ 20.400.040  APPLICATIONS.
   A.   Form and information required.  All applications to initiate a procedure governed by this title shall be made pursuant to the Uniform Application Procedure established by the Director and the nature of the information to be submitted therewith shall be as prescribed by the Director for each type of application.
   B.   Applicant.  Application to initiate any procedure set forth in this title shall be made by the owner(s) or duly authorized agent(s) thereof, of the property or by an applicant which is, or will be, the plaintiff in an action in eminent domain to acquire the property.  Proof of ownership or other requisite status hereunder shall be supplied concurrently with the application submittal.  Applications shall be duly executed and verified under penalty of perjury of the laws of the State of California.
   C.   Acceptance.
      1.   The Director shall be responsible for the acceptance of all such applications.  No application shall be accepted until:
         a.   All required information is submitted, including any environmental review documentation, when required (See: § 20.400.080);
         b.   At least one (1) year has passed since final action on any previously denied application for substantially the same matter, except as otherwise provided by this title; and
         c.   The required application fee has been paid.
      2.   As soon as possible, but in no case later than thirty (30) days after receipt of an application, the Director shall determine, in writing, if such application is complete, and immediately transmit such determination to the applicant.  If an application is determined not to be complete, the Director's determination shall specify the deficiencies and the manner in which the application can be made complete.
(See: Cal. Gov't Code §§ 65943 and 65944.)
      3.   Upon determination that an application is complete and meets the requirements for acceptance, or expiration of the thirty (30) day period if no determination regarding completeness is made, the application shall be deemed accepted.
(See: Cal. Gov't Code § 65943.)