§ 20.400.030  TYPES OF PROCEDURES.
   The procedures to be utilized in administration of and modification to this title include the following:
   A.   Legislative procedures.
      1.   Text amendment.  An ordinance or amendment changing the wording of this title.
      2.   Change of zone.  An ordinance or amendment changing a zone boundary as shown on the Zoning Map.
   B.   Administrative procedures.
      1.   Administrative interpretation.  A means of resolving uncertainties or ambiguities in the meaning of any provision of this title.  An interpretation is uniformly applicable to all subsequent situations in which the same set of circumstances is present.  In addition, the interpretation procedure may be used to make minor adjustments of zone boundaries to conform to lot lines or to resolve uncertainty as to the precise location of a zone boundary.
      2.   Administrative remedy.  A simplified procedure for considering minor deviations from zoning regulations, within established parameters, designed to expedite requests therefor without requiring Planning Commission review.
      3.   Conditional use permit.  A discretionary action concerning a specified land use and, pursuant to criteria set forth in this title, to determine whether such use may be permitted at a given location and to determine the conditions or limitations on development in each case.
      4.   Plan review.  The review and conditional approval of development plans for specified categories of development or when required as a condition of approval under some other procedure, in order to ensure the intent of this title is met with regard to site arrangement, functional effectiveness, landscape design, architectural quality, and other pertinent attributes.
      5.   Certificate of compatibility. A procedure to consider the compatibility of residential structures, accessory dwelling units, and mobile and/or manufactured housing to coordinate planning, architecture, aesthetics, and economic cohesiveness within residentially zoned areas of the city.
   C.   Quasi-judicial procedures.
      1.   Variance.  A determination under criteria established in state law and this title, allowing deviation from the strict application of regulations of this title, in cases where the effect of the strict application of the regulations would deprive a particular property of privileges enjoyed by other properties in the vicinity and under identical zoning classification.
      2.   Revocation.  Procedure for revoking any specific development approval when violation of zoning requirements, conditions or other laws are found to have occurred.
(Am. Ord. 1220, passed 3-16-21)