A.   A large family day-care home shall be conducted only within a single family residence meeting all applicable single family residence standards of the zoning code.
   B.   The applicant shall have obtained, or has applied to obtain, any and all necessary state licenses and permits to operate a large family day-care home.  No permit as provided herein shall be effective until such time as the applicant presents satisfactory evidence to the City Planner that the applicant has complied with all such necessary state licenses and permits.
   C.   No large family day-care homes shall be located within three hundred (300) feet, as measured from the exterior boundaries of the property, from any other existing large family day-care home.
   D.   Every large family day-care home shall have a minimum street parking capable of accommodating one (1) vehicle on the curb immediately adjacent to the residence (minimum nineteen (19) feet curb length) and at least two (2) on-site parking spaces (excluding any garage).  No large family day-care home shall be permitted adjacent to arterial streets unless a minimum of three (3) on-site parking spaces are provided (excluding any garage).
   E.   Every large family day-care home shall be operated in such a manner so as not to violate any of the mandatory provisions of Chapter 8.20 of the city code pertaining to noise control.
   F.   Any expansion, modification, or alteration of a single family residence made necessary by the operation of a large family day-care home as provided herein shall be reviewed and approved pursuant to customary zoning code standards for residential zones prior to the approval of a permit as provided in this chapter.
(Ord. 853, passed 9-6-88)