§ 20.272.010  INTENT AND PURPOSE.
   A.   The purpose of this zone is to encourage, preserve, and improve the health, safety, and general welfare of the community by encouraging innovative development that allows a diversification of uses, use relationships, building heights, densities, and open spaces in planned community developments while ensuring consistency with the city's General Plan.
   B.   Development of properties in the Planned Community Zone will occur in accordance with the requirements and provisions of a detailed, site-specific Planned Community Master Plan specifically created and adopted for such properties to promote innovative development projects that anticipate the future needs of the city's residents, businesses, and visitors, while respecting existing uses. The Planned Community Zone shall be reserved for the development of innovative projects in areas of the city that present unique planning challenges due to considerations such as geography, topography, and changing patterns of development not otherwise addressed by the city's existing zoning rules.
(Ord. 1206, passed 11-6-18)