§ 20.268.020  WHEN PERMITTED.
   A.   Temporary trailers may be permitted in accordance with the procedures set forth in paragraph C. of this section in all industrial zones when the use of said temporary trailers is incidental to the primary uses permitted therein.  Construction trailers may be used in any zone as field offices in connection with and during the occurrence of the construction of buildings or structures.
   B.   Temporary trailers as provided for herein may be permitted for a period not exceeding two (2) years and shall be removed on or before a date specified in the permit or when abatement of the use of the property upon which said trailer is located occurs, whichever is sooner.
   C.   The use of a temporary trailer may only be permitted in accordance with the following procedures:
      1.   Any person applying for the use of a temporary trailer or trailers shall file an application describing the use and proposed location thereof, with the Development Services Department of the city.  The applicant shall be required to pay appropriate fees as determined by City Council resolution for processing of said application. 
      2.   At the meeting during which the Planning Commission is to act upon the application, the Planning Commission shall hear and consider the recommendation of the Director of Development Services, or the city official acting in that capacity, as to whether the use of the temporary trailer should be permitted, and relevant statements of interested members of the public in that regard.  Following such consideration, the Planning Commission shall permit or deny the use of the temporary trailer by resolution.  If permitted, the resolution shall constitute the permit referred to in this chapter.
(Ord. 662, passed 9-5-78)