A.   Procedure.  Development of land in a precise development zone for any specific use shall be subject to the issuance of a certificate of use.  The issuance of such a certificate for any use or uses shall not suffice to authorize the development or utilization of the land in question for any other use or uses.  All procedures regarding a certificate of use of land in a precise development zone, or the revocation or modification thereof, shall be governed by provisions establishing procedures related to conditional use permits as amended from time to time.  The application for a certificate of use of land in a precise development zone shall include:
      1.   A boundary survey map of the property.  (A tentative subdivision map may be substituted for this requirement if the applicant proposes to subdivide the property.)
      2.   Existing topography of the development area shall be shown with contours at not more than two (2) foot intervals.
      3.   The gross land area of the development, the present zoning classification thereof, and the zoning classification and existing land use on all adjacent properties, including the location of structures and other improvements thereon.
      4.   A general development plan with at least the following details shown to scale and dimensioned:
         a.   Location and use or uses proposed for each existing and each proposed structure in the development area, the number of stories, gross building area, and approximate location of entrances.
         b.   All existing and proposed storage, curb cuts, driving lanes, parking areas and loading areas.
         c.   All pedestrian walks and open areas for the use of occupants of the proposed development and the public.
         d.   Types of surfacing proposed for all walks and driveways.
         e.   A detailed plan for the landscaping of the development, including the location and heights of all proposed walls, fences and screen plating, and a statement setting forth the method by which such landscaping and fencing shall be preserved and maintained.
         f.   A grading plan for the entire development.
         g.   All existing or proposed physical features such as hydrants, utility facilities, flood lights, drainage facilities and recreation facilities, and a statement setting forth the method by where these features shall be preserved and maintained.
         h.   Any additional drawings or information as may be required by the Commission.
      5.   Plans and elevations of one (1) or more structures to indicate architectural type and materials of construction.
   B.   Planning Commission authority. 
      1.   The Planning Commission shall have the authority, as an administrative act, subject to the provisions of this section, to require conditions of development in addition to those required by the zone where, it is determined that such conditions are necessary to further the objectives of the General Plan and are in harmony with the intent, purpose and spirit of this ordinance and/or where such additional requirements are deemed essential to protect the public safety and general welfare of the community.
      2.   All special conditions established by the Planning Commission in accordance with this section may be appealed to City Council.
(Ord. 425, passed 10-14-68; Am. Ord. 581, passed 11-18-75)