§ 20.248.020  USES PERMITTED.
   No buildings or structures or land shall be used and no building or structures shall be hereafter erected, structurally altered or enlarged, except for the following purposes:
   A.   Principal permitted uses.
      1.   Research laboratories and facilities, developmental laboratories and facilities, and testing laboratories and facilities.
      2.   Manufacture, assembly, testing and repair of components, devices, equipment and systems of an electrical, electronic or electromechanical nature, such as, but not limited to:
         Television and radio equipment and systems
         Phonographs and audio units
         Metering instruments, equipment and systems
         Radar, infrared and ultraviolet equipment and systems
         Coils, tubes, semiconductors and similar components
         Scientific and mechanical instruments
         Data processing equipment and systems
         Communication, navigation control, transmission and reception equipment, control equipment and systems, guidance equipment and systems
      3.   Manufacture, testing, repair and assembly of optical devices, equipment and systems.
      4.   Manufacture, testing, repair, and assembly of testing equipment.
      5.   Research and development facilities for the creation of prototypes.
      6.   Pharmaceutical laboratory.
      7.   Blueprinting, photocopying, photo engraving and film processing.
      8.   Assembly of plastic products.
      9.   Manufacture of ceramic products using only previously pulverized clay and using kilns fired only by electricity or gas.
      10.   Manufacture of control devices and gauges.
      11.   Administrative, professional and business offices accessory to uses permitted in the district.
      12.   Industrial medical facilities.
      13.   Cafeteria, restaurant or auditorium facility accessory to any uses permitted in the district.
      14.   Recreation area or facility accessory to any uses permitted in this district.
      15.   Agricultural uses.
   B.   Uses subject to conditional use permit.  The following uses are permitted subject to approval of a conditional use permit application in accordance with the provisions of § 20.408.030 of this title:
      1.   Any principal use permitted in the M-1 Zone as specified in § 20.252.020.A. of this title and subject to all provisions therein.
      2.   Alcohol sales; on-sale only 
         Ambulance service
         Animal boarding places, hospitals and kennels
         Astrology, fortune-telling, etc.
         Auditorium and conference rooms
         Automobile laundries
         Business, professional, technical, and trade schools
         Churches, religious institutions and similar placesof assembly.
            The city has identified the following development guidelines as important for consideration within the review of any Conditional Use Permit for a church or religious institution within the industrial zones:
            a.   Churches, religious institutions or similar places of assembly should not locate within one thousand (1,000) feet, as measured from closest property line, of a previously entitled church or religious institution within the CM, MP, M1 or M2 zoning districts.
         Commercial uses which are proposed to be established as separate facilities, but which are accessory to principal permitted uses in the M-P Zone:
         Construction equipment rental, repair, sales, and service
         Eating places, walk-in and drive-in
         Golf courses, commercial
         Outdoor advertising structures (billboards)
         Recreation areas and facilities
      3.   Gasoline service stations, subject to the provisions of § 20.228.020.B.3. of this title (C-N Zone).
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