§ 20.244.020  USES PERMITTED.
   No buildings or structures or land shall be used and no building or structure shall be hereafter erected, structurally altered or enlarged, except for the following purposes:
   A.   Principal permitted uses.
   Art galleries
   Bicycle and motor scooter rentals and sales
   Billiard parlors 
   Bowling alleys
   Electrical distribution substations
   Fishing and casting pools
   Golf courses, regulation and miniature
   Golf driving ranges
   Health centers and retreats
   Hotel, motel, and resort complexes
   Ice dispenser
   Lawn and court games, commercial
   Massage establishments that are in compliance with the requirements of Chapter 5.220 of the Brea Municipal Code
   Microwave facilities incorporated as part of a public utility installation
   Mineral spas
   Parks and playgrounds, private and public
   Skating rinks, ice and roller
   Theaters, walk-in
   Tourist information centers
   Trampoline centers
   B.   Uses permitted subject to conditional use permit.  The following uses are permitted subject to approval of a conditional use permit application in accordance with the provisions of § 20.408.030 of this title:
   Auditoriums and conference rooms
   Commercial uses related to and developed as an integral part of a hotel, motel, or resort complex
   Dance halls
   Eating places, walk-in and drive-in
   Liquor, on-sale and off-sale
   Lodge halls
   Private clubs
   Residential care facility 
   Sports arenas and stadiums
   Theaters, drive-in
   Gasoline service stations, subject to the provisions of § 20.228.020.B.3. (C-N Zone) 
   Parks for the exclusive purpose of providing temporary or overnight parking for campers, housecars, and recreational house trailers. 
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