§ 20.240.010  INTENT.
   A.   There are certain uses which may generally be thought of as commercial in nature, but which are more compatible with manufacturing uses.  There are also certain mixed uses which are appropriate in a manufacturing zone, and there are certain other services or mixed uses which are appropriate in a manufacturing zone to service other businesses in such zone.  It is the intent of the C-M (Commercial/Industrial) Zone to permit certain uses consonant with the foregoing in areas master planned for industrial use, either on parcels wherein the permitted uses under said C-M Zone will not conflict with permitted uses on adjacent property, or where a buffer is desirable between heavier manufacturing operations and other adjacent zones.  The Council hereby finds that the provisions of the C-M Zone are consistent with the General Plan for industrial uses, subject to Council determination as to the specific area or areas wherein C-M zoning is appropriate.
   B.   Except as specifically provided elsewhere in this chapter, any and every building and premises or land in the C-M (Commercial/Industrial) Zones shall be used for, or occupied, and every building shall be erected, constructed, established, altered, enlarged, maintained, and moved into or within such C-M (Commercial/Industrial) Zones exclusively and only in accordance with the provisions set forth in this section. 
(Ord. 425, passed 10-14-68)