§ 20.228.020  USES PERMITTED.
   No buildings or structures or land shall be used and no building or structure shall be hereafter erected, structurally altered or enlarged, except for the following purposes:
   A.   Principal permitted uses.
   Any use permitted in the C-P Commercial,
   Administrative and Professional Office Zone
   Apparel store
   Bakery shop
   Bank and financial institution
   Barber and beauty shops
   Book store
   Confectionery store
   Drug store
   Eating place excluding drive-in restaurants 
   Florist shop
   Food market
   Gift shop
   Hardware store
   Health food store
   Hobby supply store
   Ice cream parlor
   Ice dispenser
   Jewelry store 
   Laundry and dry cleaning agency, pick-up only
   Laundry and dry cleaning, self-service only
   Liquor store (off-sale only)
   Meat market, no slaughtering
   Notions and novelty store
   Nurseries, retail plants (no outdoor storage of fertilizers or other non-plant
   Pet store 
   Photo shop - sales and repairs
   Shoe sale and/or repair store
   Shoeshine stands
   Stationery store
   Tobacco shop
   Toy store
   B.   Uses permitted subject to conditional use permit.  The following uses are permitted subject to approval of a conditional use permit application in accordance with the provisions of § 20.408.030 of this title:
      1.   Any conditional use permitted under § 20.224.020.B. of this title (C-P Zone).
      2.   Alcohol sales; on- and off-sale. 
      3.   Gasoline service stations.
         a.   A conditional use permit for a new service station at any location within the corporate limits of the city shall not be approved and granted to any company or an affiliated company that owns, leases, rents or has control of, in any manner, property that is presently occupied by an abandoned or vacant service station at any other location within the corporate limits of the city.  Abandoned or vacant, as used herein, shall mean that the service station has not been in operation for a period of ninety (90) days or more prior to the date the Planning Commission adopts its resolution on the application for a new service station.
         b.   This provision shall not apply to an abandoned or vacated service station that has been legally converted to and is being utilized for another permitted use, or to a service station that is not in operation because it is in the process of being reconstructed or remodeled.
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