§ 20.224.020  USES PERMITTED.
   No buildings or structures or land shall be used and no building or structure shall be hereafter erected, structurally altered or enlarged except for the following purposes:
   (A)   Principal permitted uses.  Administrative or professional offices (any office in which chattels or goods, ware or merchandise are not manufactured or sold):
   Art gallery
   Dental clinics
   Laboratories, biological, medical, dental, and X-ray
   Libraries and reading rooms
   Massage establishments that are in compliance with the requirements of Chapter 5.220 of the Brea Municipal Code
   Medical, dental, and therapeutic clinics
   Medical equipment and supplies
   Mimeo and addressing services
   Photographers studio
   Post office
   Public utility commercial offices
   Tourist information centers
   The following retail commercial uses shall be permitted only as an accessory use when operated within a totally enclosed building being used for one or more of those permitted in this section.
   The following accessory uses shall not occupy more than twenty-five (25%) of the total building area:
   Barber and beauty shop
   Book or stationery store
   Cigar store
   Coffee shop
   Confectionery shop
   Gift shop
   Office supply store
   Restaurant, tea room, cafe, provided no dancing or theatrical performances be permitted.
   B.   Uses permitted subject to a conditional use permit.  The following uses may be permitted subject to a conditional use permit, § 20.408.030 of this title:
   Alcoholic sales; on- and off-sale 
   Ambulance services
   Auditorium and conference room
   Churches and religious institutions
   Dancing school
   Hospital, general and convalescent
   Lodges and meeting halls
   Private schools
   Residential care facility
(Ord. 425, passed 10-14-68; Am. Ord. 581, passed 11-18-75; Am. Ord. 761, passed 3-19-85; Am. Ord. 1066, passed 4-20-04)