§ 20.220.020  USES PERMITTED.
   Within R-3 and R-3-I Zones, no buildings or structures or land shall be used and no building or structure shall be hereafter erected, structurally altered or enlarged except for the following purposes: 
   A.   Principal permitted uses.
      1.   Single family, two (2) family and multiple family dwelling subject to the dwelling unit density established by the zone.
      2.   Townhouses (row housing).
      3.   Accessory buildings and structures including garages and carports.
      4.   Boarding houses.
      5.   Private noncommercial greenhouses, horticultural collections, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, and fruit trees.
      6.   The following animals may be permitted:  two (2) dogs or two (2) cats, or any combination thereof, not to exceed three (3) adults four (4) months-of-age or more.  With the exception that lots that have a minimum rear yard of one thousand two hundred fifty (1,250) square feet of open space available may have three (3) dogs or three (3) cats not to exceed four (4) adults four (4) months-of-age or more.  Other household pets which are neither farm animals, exotic or wild animals, such as domestic mice and rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles, tropical fish, canaries, birds of the psittacine family, and other similar animals commonly sold in pet stores and kept as household pets, may also be kept, so long as animals are not maintained for commercial purposes, do not constitute a nuisance, are adequately provided with food, care and sanitary facilities, and do not exceed a total of three (3) animals (fish being exempt).  With the exception that lots that have a minimum rear yard of one thousand two hundred fifty (1,250) square feet of open space area may have six (6) animals.  Their offspring shall not be counted until four (4) months from birth.
      7.   Other animals permitted:  animals not previously classified.  Any animal not specifically classified within this section of the code shall be classified by the Director of Development Services as necessary, based upon a determination as to the probable negative impact of the health, safety or general welfare upon the community.
      8.   Home occupations that comply with the criteria set forth in Chapter 20.36.
      9.   Parks, playgrounds or community centers owned and operated by a government agency, including business conducted with permission of the City Council.
      10.   One (1) permanent resident manager's office devoted solely to the rental of the dwelling units on the same parcel provided said office and surrounding grounds retain a residential character; that signs be limited to those permitted in the R-3 Zone; that no advertising devices be erected other than those permitted.
      11.   Temporary tract sales offices, temporary parking compounds for contractors' equipment, and model homes, provided that each and every provision of § 20.208.020.A.10. of this title, including paragraphs a. through f., inclusive, thereof shall apply to any model home use and the model home use shall be restricted to single family dwellings and townhouses.  Each single dwelling unit in a townhouse shall be considered one (1) model home for purposes of this paragraph.
      12.   Residential care facilities serving six (6) or fewer mentally or physically handicapped, disordered or dependent persons not requiring acute medical care. 
      13.   Accessory dwelling units, subject to the regulations contained in §§ 20.208.020 and 20.208.040 of this title, and state law.
   B.   Uses permitted subject to conditional use permit.  The following uses are permitted subject to approval of a conditional use permit application in accordance with the provisions of § 20.408.030 of this title.
      1.   Churches, parsonages, convents, and other buildings and structures used in connection with a religious purpose.
      2.   Nursery schools.
      3.   Schools, public and private.
      4.   Mobile home parks on not less than ten (10) acres of net land area with not less than five thousand (5,000) square feet of land area within the park for each mobile home unit.
      5.   Residential care facility.
      6.   Commercial parking lots when abutting any commercial zone.
      7.   Fraternities and sororities.
      8.   Clubs, lodges, meeting places.
      9.   Keeping of household animals in excess of the specified number:  household animals may be kept in excess of the number and distribution hereby permitted upon the granting of a noncommercial kennel permit pursuant to § 20.20.070 of this title.
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