A.   Notwithstanding the provisions of § 20.28.020, the following actions and activities are exempt from the requirement for a hillside development permit, except that all development in the Hillside Residential zoning district shall comply with hillside development standards set forth in this chapter:
      1.   Construction that does not require a grading permit or a building permit.
      2.   The construction and installation (trenching, utility construction and backfilling) of underground utility systems.
      3.   The re-grading of existing yard areas for landscaping installation, provided such re-graded yard area does not exceed one thousand (1,000) square feet in area.
      4.   Pool/spa construction that does not involve the construction of any retaining walls, whether or not part of the pool structure, over three (3) feet in height.
      5.   Additions to existing structures and/or construction of accessory structures which are less than five hundred (500) square feet in area, unless a grading permit for establishment of same is required.
      6.   Any project that has received final approval of a hillside development permit prior to the effective date of this chapter, provided that such permit or approval has not expired or is not otherwise revoked, and further provided that the development is in accordance with the approved hillside development permit and related approvals.
(Ord. 1079, passed 11-2-04)