A.   As a condition of approval of any temporary use permit, the Director may require a reasonable cash deposit to be collected from an applicant and/or that the applicant obtain and provide a policy of insurance prior to the proposed activity.
   B.   Any cash deposit shall guarantee the clean-up of the temporary use location and adjacent areas. The city may apply said cash deposit for the payment of all costs, including overhead, in connection with the clean-up even if the applicant should fail to provide said clean-up within seven (7) days of the conclusion of the event. The Director may set the amount of said cash deposit from within a range of amounts as set by the City Council.
   C.   Any policy or policies of liability insurance required as condition of approval of the temporary use permit shall be filed with the Director prior to the proposed dates of the temporary use. Said policy or policies of liability insurance shall name the city, its officers, agents and employees as insureds and/or additional insureds, in a policy which provides coverage for comprehensive general liability against any and all claims and suits for damages or injuries to persons or property resulting or arising out of the operations of the temporary use or activity, its officers, agents or employees in the performance of such use or activity.  Said policy or policies shall also contain a provision that no termination, cancellation or change of coverage of the insureds or additional insureds shall be effective until notice thereof has been given in writing to the city.  All policy limits on the required insurance may be set by the Director from a range of limits as established by the City Council.
   D.   The requirements of insurance and/or cash deposits as a condition of approval of the temporary use permit shall be mandatory if the temporary use or activity is to be conducted on or within public streets, sidewalks, parks or public buildings.
(Ord. 1012, passed 5-19-98)