§ 20.72.100  SUSPENSION.
   Any permit issued pursuant to the terms of this chapter may be subject to immediate suspension if it is found necessary for the protection of public health, safety or welfare. Such suspension shall only be instituted upon the recommendation of the city that immediate protective action is necessary. In the event of such a suspension, the Director shall within twenty-four (24) hours after the suspension:  (1) cause to be served upon the permit holder a written statement containing the grounds for suspension and a notice of hearing to show cause before the Director as to why the permit should not be suspended pending revocation hearings and, (2) cause to be served upon the permit holder a notice of revocation hearing before the Planning Commission as provided in § 20.72.110. The hearing before the Director shall be held not later than five (5) days following the service of the notice to the permit holder.
(Ord. 1012, passed 5-19-98)