A.   The Director, within ten (10) business days following receipt of the completed application, shall approve, conditionally approve, or deny the temporary use application.
   B.   No temporary permit shall be approved unless the Director finds that the use or activity, together with any and all conditions imposed thereon, meets all of the criteria as follows:
      1.   The temporary use or activity is in harmony with the various elements and objectives of the general plan of the city;
      2.   The temporary use or activity complies with all applicable standards of the city zoning ordinance with respect to the location of the proposed activity; and
      3.   The temporary use or activity will not be injurious or detrimental to persons or properties adjacent to or in vicinity of the proposed location of the activity.
      4.   Provisions for adequate traffic circulation, off-street parking and pedestrian safety have been provided and will be maintained during the operation of the use or activity.
   C.   The Director may impose such terms, conditions and restrictions upon the operation or conduct of the use or activity as may be deemed necessary or expedient to protect the public peace, health, safety, morals or welfare of the citizens of the city.
   D.   Upon the decision with respect to the application, the Director shall mail to the applicant, by certified mail, notice as to whether the permit has been granted or denied. The notice shall inform the applicant of the right to appeal the decision of the Director to the Planning Commission as provided in this chapter. Additionally, if the Director should deny the application, the notice shall specify those reasons why the permit has been denied.
   E.   The Director may, in those cases where it is deemed that the public interest will be best served, refer the approval of the temporary use permit directly to the Planning Commission for hearing thereon without taking further action.
   F.   All decisions of the Director with respect to the temporary use permit application shall be final unless appealed to the Planning Commission as provided in this chapter.
(Ord. 1012, passed 5-19-98)