A.   An application for a temporary use permit, on forms available from the Director, shall be submitted to the Director a minimum of forty-five (45) days prior to the proposed date of the temporary use or activity. The application shall be signed and verified by the applicant and shall contain, at minimum, the information as set forth in this section.
   B.   Each application for a temporary use permit shall contain, at minimum, the following information:
      1.   The name, permanent street address and signature of the applicant;
      2.   If the applicant is a corporation, the name and principal address of the applicant shall be as shown in the most recent statement of investment group and shall be signed by a duly authorized representative of the corporation;
      3.   The full name and address of the property owner where the temporary use or activity is to take place and a signed affidavit from the property owner granting permission for the proposed use on the property in question and for the dates requested;
      4.   The name, address and twenty-four (24) hour phone number of at least two (2) persons to be contacted in the event of emergency conditions at the temporary use or activity;
      5.   The exact location, including street name, of the property proposed to be used for the temporary use or activity;
      6.   A detailed description of the proposed temporary use or activity;
      7.   The proposed dates and hours of operation; and
      8.   A site plan or drawing depicting the use or activity, including the placement of all signs and banners, the location of all temporary materials, generators, temporary sanitary facilities, lighting, etc.
   C.   The application shall be submitted together with the appropriate fee, as set forth by resolution of the City Council, to cover the administrative costs of processing the application. Such fees shall not be required when the use or activity is conducted by any religious, charitable or educational organization or association and any funds derived therefrom are retained or disbursed for religious, charitable or educational purposes.
(Ord. 1012, passed 5-19-98)