§ 20.72.010  PURPOSE AND INTENT.
   A.   It is the purpose of this chapter to regulate those uses and activities of a temporary nature which may affect the public peace, health, safety and general welfare. The requirements provided herein shall be separate and additional to those provisions of the municipal code regarding business regulation and licensing. Any and all fees provided in this chapter are intended to cover the cost of investigation and processing the permits herein and shall be additional to all applicable licenses or permits provided in the municipal code for a particular use or activity.
   B.   The regulations and privileges applicable to the uses permitted in this chapter shall be alternative to the otherwise applicable sections covering entertainment permits or zoning ordinance use entitlements when the duration of such uses are no longer than as are permitted by this chapter. Any such use which exceeds the temporary time limits or applicable regulations of this chapter shall require the application for, and approval of, an entertainment permit or other appropriate use approval as may be applicable.
(Ord. 1012, passed 5-19-98)