§ 20.64.020  PERMIT CRITERIA.
   A.   This chapter and the regulations contained within shall not apply to communication antennas to the extent that such antennas are preempted from local authority by FCC regulations, or to "wireless communications facilities" regulated by Chapter 20.68 of this Code..
   B.   Any communication antenna weighing less than thirty (30) pounds, or under eight (8) feet in height may be installed without a permit, subject to the requirements of the City Building and Electrical Codes, providing the general provisions contained in § 20.64.030 of this chapter are met.
   C.   For communication antennas exceeding the above specified weight or height, a permit must first be obtained from the Development Services Director, or his or her designee, in accordance with the provisions of § 20.64.050 of this chapter.  Once issued, such permit shall remain valid unless and until the subject antenna is removed from the permitted location, or otherwise is in violation of any provision of this zoning code.
(Ord. 955, passed 8-2-94; Am. Ord. 965, passed 4-4-95)