Prior to issuance of an occupancy permit to begin the use identified in this permit, the applicant shall submit a proof of liability insurance to the city as follows:
   A.   The types, amounts, periods of coverage, and provisions for periodic review as to adequacy of coverage shall be specified in the conditions of approval.  Required insurance shall include, but is not limited to: general liability insurance, automotive liability insurance, environmental impairment liability insurance, and architect's and engineer's professional liability insurance.  All such insurance shall name the city as an additional insured and shall be maintained for the life of the site and such additional periods as shall be specified in the conditions of approval.
   B.   Additionally, coverage shall be provided for workers compensation insurance and such other insurance as may be required.  Said insurance shall name the city as the additional loss payee.  Certificates of insurance shall be submitted to the city annually.
   C.   An irrevocable trust shall be established to provide funds for closure of site and its long term post-closure, monitoring and maintenance.  Quarterly funds for this trust would be provided by the owner of the facility based on quantity and types of hazardous waste received and processed or percentage of gross income.  The terms of the trust shall be as agreed upon by the project owner and the city.  The terms shall be reviewed annually in regard to the amount of funds in the trust and anticipated closure, monitoring, and maintenance costs.  The applicant shall provide a bond in an amount to be determined by the city for purposes of closure of site.
   D.   The applicant shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the city, its officers, agents, servants, and employees from all claims, actions, liabilities arising out of issuance of this permit, operations at the facility and transportation of wastes to and from the facility.
(Ord. 924, passed 8-4-92)