§ 20.40.050  STANDARDS.
   A.   All affordable units in a project or phases of a project shall be constructed concurrently with or prior to the construction of market rate units.
   B.   All affordable units shall be reasonably dispersed throughout the project unless approval for an off-site location has been granted.  The affordable units shall contain on the average the same number of bedrooms as the market rate units in the project.  The materials and finished quality of the affordable units shall be comparable with the market rate units.
   C.   Affordable units required under this chapter shall be retained as affordable units for forty-five (45) years or until sold or transferred with an equity share for owner-occupied units and fifty-five (55) years as to rental units.  The affordability period begins upon the initial sale or rental of the unit.
(Am. Ord. 1075, passed 9-7-04)