§ 20.36.010  CRITERIA.
   Home occupations shall comply with all of the following criteria:
   A.   There shall be no exterior evidence of the conduct of a home occupation, including but not limited to noise or odor caused thereby.
   B.   A home occupation shall be conducted only within the enclosed living area of the dwelling unit or the garage.
   C.   Electrical or mechanical equipment which creates visible or audible interference in radio or television receivers or causes fluctuations in line voltage outside the dwelling unit or which creates noise not normally associated with residential uses is prohibited.
   D.   Only the residents of the dwelling unit may engage in the home occupation.
   E.   To the extent that there is any sale of any item related to a home occupation, no delivery of that item to the buyer shall occur on or adjacent to the premises.
   F.   The establishment and conduct of a home occupation shall not change the principal character or use of the dwelling unit involved.
   G.   There shall be no signs other than those permitted by the zone regulations.
   H.   The conduct of any home occupation including but not limited to the storage of goods and equipment, shall not reduce or render unusable areas provided for required off-street parking.
   I.   There shall be no traffic to or from the premises by salesmen, service vehicles, delivery persons, messengers or others beyond the amount of such traffic incidental to residential uses.  Parking of such vehicles on the site or in the vicinity of the home occupation not substantially utilized by residents for personal purposes, but rather used in connection with the home occupation is prohibited.
   J.   No storage or display of materials, goods, supplies or equipment related to the operation of a home occupation shall be visible from the outside of any structure located on the premises.
   K.   There shall be no media advertising in connection with the home occupation which gives the address of the property from which the home occupation is conducted.
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