§ 20.28.240  PROHIBITED SIGNS.
   Except as otherwise expressly permitted in this chapter, all signs are expressly prohibited, including, but not limited to, the following:
   A.   Flashing signs.
   B.   Moving or rotating signs.
   C.   Projecting signs.
   D.   Roof signs.
   E.   Portable signs.
   F.   Billboards.
   G.   No sign shall be allowed which contains obscene, indecent, or immoral matter.
   H.   Flags, streamers, pennants, or banners.
   I.   Signs not otherwise in conformance with this title.
   J.   Painted signs.
   K.   Pole signs.
(Ord. 425, passed 10-14-68; Am. Ord. 877, passed 11-21-89)