A.   The following signs, if non-illuminated, are allowed in all zones with no permit required:
      1.   a.   Nameplates not exceeding one (1) square foot;
         b.   Interior signs;
         c.   Window signing not exceeding twenty-five percent (25%) of total window space.
      2.   Charitable or educational signs not exceeding four (4) square feet in area, which are temporary in nature in accordance with time limitations permitted in § 20.28.090 of this chapter.
      3.   Governmental or other legally required posters, notices, or signs.
      4.   Real estate for sale or rent signs, provided that:
         a.   One such sign is displayed per lot or parcel;
         b.   Each sign shall not exceed six (6) square feet in area;
         c.   Each such sign shall be placed a minimum of five (5) feet inside the property line.
      5.   Governmental flags.
      6.   Traffic, directional, warning, or informational signs required or authorized by any public body.
      7.   Names of buildings and date of erection when cut into a masonry surface, or made of incombustible material and not larger than eight (8) square feet, and similar memorial signs and markers.
      8.   Signs erected in or near the city boundary which sign contains the name of the city and the name of, or any other information regarding civic, fraternal, or religious organizations located therein.
   B.   In addition, permits shall not be required in the following situations:
      1.   The changing of advertising copy or messages on bulletin boards and similar signs specifically designed for the use of replaceable or changeable copy, unless electrical alterations are made.
      2.   Repainting and cleaning of a sign or advertising structure, unless a change in structure size, height, or location is made.
(Ord. 425, passed 10-14-68)