All units constructed prior to the adoption of this chapter shall be in substantial accordance with development standards as set forth herein and all units constructed subsequent to the adoption of this  chapter shall be in full compliance with said development standards.
   A.   Off-street parking requirements shall be as specified in the applicable zoning district and § 20.08.040 of this title.
   B.   A single area having a minimum of two hundred (200) cubic feet of private and secure dead storage space shall be provided for each unit.  Said storage area may be located within the garage, provided it does not interfere with garage use for automobile parking.  Customary closets and cupboards within the dwelling unit shall not count toward meeting this requirement.
   C.   No living units shall be permitted over garages unless one of the following conditions exist:  the garage serves the unit above; or the garage is an underground type parking garage.
   D.   An adjoining private patio or deck shall be provided for each unit.  No dimension shall be less than eight (8) feet, nor have a minimum area of less than one hundred (100) square feet.
   E.   One hundred (100) square feet of developed common recreation space shall be provided per unit, but in no event less than one thousand (1,000) square feet for the condominium project.
   F.   Separate laundry facilities of sufficient size to allow for the installation of a clothes washer and dryer shall be provided for each condominium unit.  If provided for in the garage, said facility shall not encroach into the required parking space.
   G.   The consumption of gas, water and electricity within each dwelling unit shall have a separate shutoff device to disconnect each unit's utilities, unless utilities are provided by the homeowners association.
   H.   All permanent mechanical equipment, including domestic appliances, which is determined by the Building Official to be a source or potential source of vibration or noise, shall be shock-mounted, isolated from the floor and ceiling, or otherwise installed in a manner approved by the Building Official to lessen the transmission vibration and noise.
   I.   The city shall require the developer to upgrade the project's water delivery system to comply with the city's current fire flow requirements.
   J.   All structures and buildings included as part of a condominium project shall conform to the building and zoning requirements applicable to the zone wherein the project is proposed to be located.  Designation of individual condominium units shall not be deemed to reduce or eliminate any of the building and zoning requirements applicable to any such buildings or structures.
   K.   Prior to issuance of a building permit for any stacked or attached residential unit, the applicant shall submit an acoustical analysis or equivalent acceptable to the City Planner demonstrating interior noise levels will conform to the standard of 45 dBA CNEL, or a level deemed equal or better by the Building Official. All required noise reduction measures shall be incorporated into building plans in a manner meeting the approval and satisfaction of the Building Official and the City Planner.
(Ord. 664, passed 11-8-78; Am. Ord. 669, passed 1-2-79; Am. Ord. 1184, passed 9-20-16)