§ 20.04.030  ZONE BOUNDARIES.
   A.   Where indicated zone boundaries are approximately street, alley or lot lines, said lines are determined to be the boundaries of the zone. Otherwise, the boundaries shall be determined by the dimensions shown on the Official Zoning Map.  In the absence of a dimension, the boundary shall be determined by use of the scale shown on said map.
   B.   A street, alley, railroad or railway right-of-way, water course, drainage channel or body of water, included in the zoning map shall, unless otherwise indicated, have no zoning and shall not be used or improved for other than the purpose for which they exist.
   C.   In the event that a vacated street, alley, right-of-way or easement was the boundary between two (2) zones, the new zone boundaries shall be at the new property line and the vacated portion of the street, alley, right-of-way, or easement shall take the zone of the property abutting same and the new zoning boundary shall be at the new property line.
   D.   If after the adoption of the above rules, uncertainty exists as to any zone boundary, the Commission shall, upon letter of request or upon its own motion, interpret the map and determine said boundary, and said determination shall be final and made a permanent public record.
(Ord. 425, passed 10-14-68)