A.   For purposes related to the orderly development of the city, and in order to carry out the provisions of this title, the city is hereby divided into the following zones:
Symbols         Zone Name
HR            Hillside Residential Zone
R-1            Single Family Residential Zone
R1-H            Single Family Residential Hillside Zone
R-1 (5,000)         Single Family Residential Zone (5,000 square foot lots)
R-2            Multiple Family Residential Zone
R-3            Multiple Family Residential Zone
C-P            Commercial, Administrative and Professional Office Zone
C-N            Neighborhood Commercial Zone
C-C            Major Shopping Center Zone
C-G            General Commercial Zone
C-RC            Commercial Recreation Zone
M-P            Planned Industrial Zone
M-1            Light Industrial Zone
M-2            General Industrial Zone
P-D            Precise Development Zone
O            Oil Production Zone
P-C            Planned Community Zone
FP-1            Flood Plain Overlay District No. 1
FP-2            Flood Plain Overlay District No. 2
SGS            Special Geological Studies Zone
SP            Specific Plan
   B.   No parcel of land or lot in any zone shall hereafter be used for any purpose except as specifically permitted in the zoning classification applied to such parcel or lot pursuant to this section or hereafter permitted by any other provisions of this title.
(Ord. 425, passed 10-14-68; Am. Ord. 965, passed 4-4-95)